About SA-GSC

The South African Group on Satellite Communications (SA-GSC) is a vehicle to facilitate identification, discussion, and prioritisation of a framework for addressing satellite communications requirements including independent access requirements for the benefit of South Africa

Satellite communications continues to be one of the leading ways used to address the communications needs in the provision of various services in different industries, mainly because satellites do have the advantage over terrestrial instruments, of communicating and collecting data in a holistically manner with maximum coverage. Satellite communications are prominently used by government and its institutions, research and academia, commercial sector, and other role players in various aspects or applications including broadcasting, disaster relief, mobile communications remote sensing & imaging to facilitate meteorology, earth exploration, and other government uses.

The SA-GSC is a forum which aims to stimulate debate amongst the satellite communications community and other stakeholders on the future of satellite communications technology and services and the challenges faced because of the growing demand for spectrum for 5G services. 

The Role of SA-GSC

The role of SA-GSC is to provide a forum to facilitate technical exchange of information, ideas, and recommendations among those working in the satellite communications field particularly:

  • to provide guidance and facilitate discussions to unlock the prioritisation and harnessing of satellite communications technology in South Africa for the benefit of all
  • To encourage knowledge sharing amongst relevant stakeholders on critical aspects to improve coordination of satellite networks and access the allocated national satellite frequencies and orbital resources under the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
  • To promote innovation in the satellite communication industry.
SA-GSC Snapshot
  • SA-GSC is one of South Africa’s responses to GSN
  • SA-GSC is a voluntary community of South African Earth Observers
  • SA-GSC is organised around Communities of Practice (CoPs)
  • SA-GSC CoPs are self-organising with the support of a Secretariat
  • SA-GSC will encourage SAs contributions to International Telecommunications Union and to building a satellite communications framework
SA-GSC Activities

The SA-GSC areas of activities include amongst others:

  • advocacy on behalf of the satellite communications community, including via input to DTPS policy development and through representation of satellite communications sector interests
  • identification of collaborative activities to foster the development and growth of the satellite sector in South and to resolve technical or commercial issues of common interest
  • general promotion of the role and importance of satellite communications services for South Africa
  • contribution into the development of South Africa positions and satellite Communications framework that have implications for satellite-based services

SA-GSC Communities of practice

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What is happening in our forum

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