CoP Integrated Workshop and Capacity Building Training


CoP  Workshop 2024

Empowering National Uptake: Leveraging Earth Observation Data and Knowledge

The integrated CoP workshop is dedicated to expediting the execution of CoP strategies and work plans within the Earth Observations (EO) and space navigation domains. By fostering collaborative synergy among Communities of Practice (CoPs), the focus is on efficiently translating strategic objectives into tangible actions. Participants will engage in activities aimed at fast-tracking the implementation of CoP work plans to achieve collective goals.The theme underscores the pivotal role of Earth Observation (EO) data and knowledge in empowering national-level stakeholders to make informed decisions, implement effective policies, and drive sustainable development agendas.

The capacity-building training in collaboration with GEO will provide an opportunity for participants to enhance their skills and knowledge in leveraging Earth observation data and tools for addressing environmental challenges and sustainable development goals.

The training took place on 04-05 June 2024, followed by the workshop on 6th June 2024. Both included a mix of presentations, interactive dialogues. Practical features of the EO products were covered during the training. The workshop had interactive dialogues with a panel session in the afternoon on a dedicated specific topic.

More information about the CoP Integrated Workshop and Capacity Building Training can be accessed at as well as presentations.


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