The AfriGEO Symposium 2024

2024 AfriGEO

Earth Intelligence for Africa

The AfriGEO symposia have been held annually since 2016. They are an opportunity for the AfriGEO Community to connect, engage and build meaningful collaboration that support and address varied developmental challenges on the continent using earth observation. 

 In the face of tremendous urbanization challenges, increased weather/climate unpredictability, increased population growth, frequent disasters, increased water scarcity, increased economic inflation, increased level of crime in cities and rural areas, scarce resources and poor management of resource vis-a-vis improved information access, rich indigenous knowledge, advancement in technology, targeted policies, open access to analytical tools, improved and more accurate early warning systems,  advancements in internet of things, robust spatial plans, improved user participation, well drafted national, regional, continental and worldwide  agenda, well designed protocols and symposium recommendations on environmental protection, well thought of sustainable development goals  among others all taking place and having impacts on the various systems.

The key questions remain “How do we harness the power of earth intelligence to support decisions in various sectors? How do we integrate, co-design, systems, science, professions, people, policies to improve productivity and quality of operations. Various strides have been made in the recent past in the technological, social, political, economic, legal and environmental spheres that are geared towards improving the quality of life within the African Continent and beyond. 

 The AfriGEO symposium 2024 therefore aims at providing a platform to begin this engagement and walk by bringing together experts from the aforementioned spheres to discuss, unlock and activate the aspect of Integration, Co-design, user engagement, partnership and capacity development in Africa.

The AfriGEO Symposium will focus on AfriGEO’s priority topics: 

  • Agriculture, Food Security, Soil Moisture and Agricultural Outreach Support
  • Biodiversity, Land degradation and Sustainable Forest Management
  • Land Cover for Africa, Land administration, Sustainable Urban Development
  • Blue economy and Water Resource Management
  • Climate Services and Adaptation.
  • Health, air quality and Disaster Management.
  • Innovation, Data and Infrastructure

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